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15. Advanced Linux Routing

This section is for all you people who either want to understand why the whole system works or have a configuration that's so bizarre that you need the low down to make it work.

This section is completely optional. It's quite possible that this section will be quite complex and really not intended for normal users. You have been warned.

FIXME: Decide what really need to go in here.

15.1 How does packet queueing really work?

This is the low-down on how the packet queueing system really works.

Lists the steps the kernel takes to classify a packet, etc...

FIXME: Write this.

15.2 Advanced uses of the packet queueing system

Go through Alexey's extremely tricky example involving the unused bits in the TOS field.

FIXME: Write this.

15.3 Other packet shaping systems

I'd like to include a brief description of other packet shaping systems in other operating systems and how they compare to the Linux one. Since Linux is one of the few OSes that has a completely original (non-BSD derived) TCP/IP stack, I think it would be useful to see how other people do it.

Unfortunately I have no experiene with other systems so cannot write this.

FIXME: Anyone? - Martijn

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