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Boot + Root + Raid + Lilo : Software Raid HOWTO

Michael Robinton,

v1.04, July 20, 2000

This document provides a cookbook for setting up root raid using the 0.90 raidtools for bootable raid mounted on root using standard LILO. Also covered is the conversion of a conventional disk to a raid1 or raid5 mirror set without the loss of data on the original disk.

1. Introduction

2. What you need BEFORE YOU START

3. Bootable Raid

4. Upgrading from non-raid to RAID1/4/5

5. Appendix A. - example raidtab

6. Appendix B. - SCSI reference implementation RAID5

7. Appendix C. - ide RAID10 with initrd

8. Appendix D. - ide RAID1-10 with initrd

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