Chapter 6. References

I already mentioned the documentation files, installed typically under the directory /usr/src/linux/Documentation. They are a real gold mine of useful informations.

The following FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) are periodically posted in the group news:news.answers and archived on FTP servers like :

A lot of other Linux HOWTO contain informations useful in link with our subject :

The following Usenet groups cover subjects linked to HP :

You may also consult the groups mentioned in Section

On Internet, you may consult with a great benefit the following sites :

Table 6-1. Web sites of HP

HP Linux Portal
HP and Linux
HP France Education Linux
HP Support
Linux Pa-Risc (Puffin Group)
Linux Pa-Risc (ESIEE)
Linux and HP Labs Technology
Linux IA64
Linux IA64 (HP Labs)
HP RedHat certification
HP Linuxcare certification
HP Utigroup

Table 6-2. Other fundamental sites on Linux and Open Source Software

Linux Documentation Project
Linux Weekly News - Summary of 1998
Linux Weekly News - Summary of 1999
IOS Counter
Comparaison MS-Windows NT Server 4.0 -- Unix
Netcraft studies
L'AFUL (Association)
APRIL (Association)
Linux Center
Linux France
Linux Journal
Linux Gazette
Linux Magazine France
Linux Start
Da Linux French Page
RedHat Hardware support
Source Exchange
Mobilix : Linux Mobile
Developers Servers
Medasys Linux