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This document aims to describe how to make Microsoft NetMeeting interoperate with Linux.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. OpenH323
2.1. What is it?
2.2. Why is it needed?
2.3. Where to get it?
2.4. Installation
2.5. Gatekeepers
3. NetMeeting directory kit
3.1. What is it?
3.2. Why is it needed?
3.3. How it works
3.4. Where to get the software
3.5. Installation
3.6. Server Security
3.7. LDAP issues with Windows 2000
3.8. Interoperation with other LDAP service
4. Using the Software
4.1. Direct Connection
4.2. Directory Operation
4.3. Linking From A Web Page
4.4. Permanent Directory Entries
4.5. Serving Multiple Aliases
4.6. Using the Answering Machine
4.7. Conference Calls
4.8. Routing Calls Through NAT
4.9. Custom Configurations
5. Debugging
A. LDAP attributes used by NetMeeting
B. NetMeeting LDAP protocol violations
C. Interoperation with Cisco
D. Thanks