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Al Dev (Alavoor Vasudevan)

v25.4, 13 July 2001

This document tells you howto develop PHP programs and also to migrate all the Windows 95 GUI applications to powerful PHP + HTML + DHTML + XML + Java applets + Javascript. The information in this document applies to all the operating sytems where PHP is ported that is - Linux, Windows 95/98/NT/ME, Windows 2000, BeOS, Apple Macintosh (is BSD unix??), OS/2, all flavors of Unix like Solaris, HPUX, AIX, SCO, Unixware, Sinix, BSD, SunOS, etc.. and mainframe operating systems and on all operating systems where "C" compiler is available.

1. Introduction

2. PHP runs on Microsoft Windows!!

3. PHP Download

4. Quick Start steps

5. PHP Libraries

6. PHP Application Servers

7. Object Oriented Features - public, private, protected

8. HTML Editor

9. IDE tools for PHP

10. ctags for PHP

11. Debugging PHP

12. General purpose programming with PHP

13. Performance benchmarking - PHP, ASP, JSP, Coldfusion

14. Limitations of PHP

15. PHP Tutorial

16. Related URLs

17. Other Formats of this Document

18. Copyright

19. Appendix A PHP examples

20. Appendix B Midgard Installation

21. Appendix C - Debug tool phpcodesite

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