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The Software-RAID HOWTO

Jakob Østergaard (

v. 0.90.7 19th of January 2000

This HOWTO describes how to use Software RAID under Linux. It addresses a specific version of the Software RAID layer, namely the 0.90 RAID layer made by Ingo Molnar and others. This is the RAID layer that will be standard in Linux-2.4, and it is the version that is also used by Linux-2.2 kernels shipped from some vendors. The 0.90 RAID support is available as patches to Linux-2.0 and Linux-2.2, and is by many considered far more stable that the older RAID support already in those kernels.

1. Introduction

2. Why RAID ?

3. Hardware issues

4. RAID setup

5. Testing

6. Reconstruction

7. Performance

8. Credits

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