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Wireless Howto

Roberto Arcomano

v1.2, 12 January 2001

Wireless HOWTO for Linux Systems Roberto Arcomano, v1.2, 12 January 2001 Wireless is a new technology in networking cards, with high speed rate (up to 11 Mbps). This document explains how to setup Wireless in Linux, compatibility problems, something about geographic requirements and more. Latest release of this document can be found at

1. Introduction

2. Background Knowledge

3. Technical info about Wireless

4. Toolbox required

5. Overview on Wireless network setup.

6. Setup

7. More about Wireless

8. FAQ - Frequently asked questions

9. Appendix A - Netmask, proxy arp and bridging

10. Appendix B - Siemens DECT Radio Modem

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