9. Recalculation

Now it is time to call e2fsck to recalculate the sizes and checksums.

Note: I am using e2fsck version 1.18 and if you have another version you should check if some parameters or interaction have changed.

If you know that you do not have any files with the size of zero that you want to recover you can do the following and skip the rest of this section (Of course you can leave out the y parameter, but then you need to answer all questions by hand and it may take a lot of time.).

        # e2fsck -f -y /dev/hdy1 > e2fsck.out 2>&1

If you instead want the zero files back you have to answer no to all questions about clearing entries and yes to the other ones.

Copy the following 7 lines into a file named "e2fsck-wrapper".

        #!/usr/bin/expect -f
        set timeout -1
        spawn /sbin/e2fsck -f $argv
        expect {
            "Clear<y>? " { send "n" ; exp_continue }
            "<y>? "      { send "y" ; exp_continue }

Run the script.

        # ./e2fsck-wrapper /dev/hdy1 > e2fsck.out 2>&1

Examine "e2fsck.out" to see what e2fsck thought about your partition.