XFree86 Font De-uglification HOWTO

Hal Burgiss


Original Author: Doug Holland


v1.8, 25 June 2001

How to improve ugly and unreadable X Window fonts. Various tips for improving font handling for XFree86, including sections on font servers, TrueType fonts, Netscape, and related topics.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
1.1. Conventions Used in this Document
1.2. Change Log and What's New
1.3. New Versions
1.4. Copyright
1.5. Credits
1.6. Translations
2. X Server Configuration
2.1. Setting The FontPath
2.2. X Server Command Line Options
3. TrueType Fonts (One of the few things Windows is good for)
3.1. Making TrueType Fonts Available
3.2. Font Servers
3.2.1. xfstt Installation Adjusting the Default Font Size
3.2.2. Redhat's xfs Setting the xfs FontPath Getting the Fonts Ready
3.3. xfsft
3.4. The fonts.alias File
4. XFree86 4.x
4.1. Anti-aliasing
4.1.1. Requirements
4.1.2. Installation
4.1.3. Xft Configuration XftConfig Structure XftConfig Syntax XftConfig Examples
4.1.4. Afterword
4.2. Redhat 7.x Differences
5. Adjusting Fonts in Specific Applications
5.1. KDE
5.1.1. Applying KDE Fonts and Colors to non-KDE Applications
5.2. Netscape
6. Odds and Ends
6.1. Notes
6.2. Links