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Linux off-line mailing method (offline mailaddr with 1 account)

Gunther Voet, - Belgium (CompuMed/TuCSRV)

v1.3.3, 4 June 1998

Use your linux mailing system offline, receive mail for multiple users with only one email address, and without being 24-24 online on the net. If you are unable to pay a direct line to stay online for 24-24 and still want your users to receive mail on your linux box; as well not pay for a multi-drop box at your isp, you can use this system using only one email address to divide to your users email addresses. It is as well 24-24 reachable since the server where your account resists will receive the mail. This howto is Copyright (c)1997-98 by Gunther Voet.

1. Notes by the author (preface).

2. Preliminaries

3. Requirements

4. I got it all, what now ?

5. Automation

6. Help! (sigh)

7. The End

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