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11. Questions? Comments? Send me feedback.

For any questions and comments you can find me via e-mail at the address

Feedback is welcome, any error report is precious. The next release will have an even larger FAQ section, if you send questions and, of course, the answers if you find them by yourself.

Please do not send questions already present in the FAQ.

If you have to ask me for help, please be sure to let me know any information that can help me, at least: kernel version, commands used, error messages, the cable you used and any other system message related to PLIP.

Please remember not to send me any question about PLIP with DOS/Windows 3.1/Windows 95, I can't help you. These questions should be sent to James Vahn, who sent me the DOS addendum. Again: it's useless to ask him or me about PLIP with Windows 95.

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