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9. Authors

The author of this HOWTO is Jean-Daniel Dodin. I can be joined at or at

My web site is at Linux pages, who are of most interest for you are found at

I want to thank Rolf Klausen (E-mail: who write the previous partition-rescue mini HOWTO even if I rewrite it almost entirely, he had first the good idea. In 2000 He is no more responding to his e-mail. If anybody knows how to contact him, please let me know.

Every other member of the Linux community and everybody who supports Linux and writes documentation and programs for Linux and all the authors of the LDP and virtually any person involved in anything which has to do with Linux. Particularly Linus B. Torvalds - he is _The King_ !!!

I want also to thank Michail Brzitwa <> for writing gpart !

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