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Linux Remote-Boot mini-HOWTO: Configuring Remote-Boot Workstations with Linux, DOS, Windows 95/98 and Windows NT

Marc Vuilleumier Stückelberg, David Clerc

v3.19, February 1999

This document describes how to set up a very robust and secure server-based configuration for a cluster of PCs, allowing each client to choose at boot-time which operating system to run. The key of this configuration is a bootprom based program, which let the user choose at boot time one of several boot images. This configuration is applicable using InCom TCP/IP Bootprom (add-on for most network cards) or any PXE-compliant Boot ROM (ready-to-use in most recent PC with built-in network cards). The most up-to-date version of this document, with hypertext links to downloadable software and other related materials, can be found at the address Linuxdoc-SGML, DVI and PostScript versions are available in the same directory. If you are interested in getting info on further developpments, send an E-mail to

1. Disclaimer and Copyrights

2. What has changed...

3. Introduction

4. The Configuration How-To

5. Remote-Boot Tools Reference Manual

6. Special TFTP Servers

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