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Gilles Lamiral,

v1.31, 21 April 2001

This paper describes how to install a Gnu|Linux distribution on a computer without Ethernet card, or CD-ROM, but just a local floppy drive and a remote nfs server attached by a Null-Modem parallel cable. The nfs server has a cdrom drive mounted and exported.

You can find the latest release of the PLIP-Install-HOWTO, by Gilles Lamiral, located at:

If you have already read this HOWTO and you wonder what is new is this release, first read the section what's new.

1. Introduction

2. License

3. How did I write this howto ?

4. What do you need ?

5. The documentation

6. Conventions

7. Building your own cable

8. Network parameters

9. PLIP on the Source side

10. The cdrom nfs server side

11. FIPS, PARTED, splitting of hard disk partitions

12. Debian installation

13. Installing Slackware, Caldera

14. Installing RedHat 6.x

15. Installing RedHat 7.0

16. Installing from a DOS partition

17. Install the plip interface permanently

18. Compatibility with a printer (lp)

19. Need to compile a new kernel ?

20. What's new

21. To do

22. List of contributors and acknowledgements

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