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15. Related Information Sources

15.1 HOWTOs and FAQs

The Linux SCSI-HOWTO by Drew Eckhardt covers all supported SCSI controllers as well as device specific questions. A lot of troubleshooting hints are given. It is available from in /pub/Linux/docs/LDP and its mirror sites.

General questions about SCSI are answered in the SCSI-FAQ from the newsgroup Comp.Periphs.Scsi (available on tsx-11 in pub/linux/ALPHA/scsi and mirror sites).

15.2 Mailing list

There is a mailing list for bug reports and questions regarding SCSI development under Linux. To join, send email to with the line subscribe linux-scsi in the body of the message. Messages should be posted to Help text can be requested by sending the message line "help" to

15.3 Example code apps/graphics/hpscanpbm-0.3a.tar.gz

This package handles a HP scanjet scanner through the generic interface. BETA/cdrom/private/mkisofs/cdwrite-1.3.tar.gz

The cdwrite package uses the generic interface to write a cd image to a cd writer. apps/sound/cds/cdda2wav*.src.tar.gz

A shameless plug for my own application, which copies audio cd tracks into wav files.

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