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16. Other useful stuff

Things that may come in handy. I don't have no idea if there are newer or better versions around. Feedback is welcome.

16.1 Device driver writer helpers

These documents can be found at the ftp server and its mirrors.


The LDP kernel hackers guide. May be a bit outdated, but covers the most fundamental things.


This document covers writing character drivers.


Tutorial on writing a character device driver with code.


A Latex document describing howto write a SCSI driver.


A list of device majors and minors used by Linux.

16.2 Utilities ALPHA/scsi/scsiinfo*.tar.gz

Program to query a scsi device for operating parameters, defect lists, etc. An X-based interface is available which requires you have Tk/Tcl/wish installed. With the X-based interface you can easily alter the settings on the drive. ALPHA/kdebug

A gdb extension for kernel debugging.

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