Linux kerneld mini-HOWTO

Henrik Storner

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Table of Contents
About the kerneld mini-HOWTO
What is kerneld?
Why do I want to use it ?
Where can I pick up the necessary pieces ?
How do I set it up?
Trying out kerneld
How does kerneld know what module to load?
Block devices
Character devices
Network devices
Binary formats
Line disciplines (slip, cslip and ppp)
Network protocol families (IPX, AppleTalk, AX.25)
File systems
Devices requiring special configuration
char-major-10 : Mice, watchdogs and randomness
Loading SCSI drivers: The scsi_hostadapter entry
When loading a module isn't enough: The post-install entry
Spying on kerneld
Special kerneld uses
Common problems and things that make you wonder

About the kerneld mini-HOWTO

This document explains how to install and use the automatic kernel module loader "kerneld". The latest released version of this document can be found at the Linux Documentation Project


This document is based on an original HTML version 1.7 dated July 19, 1997 by Henrik Storner and was revised and translated to DocBook DTD by Gary Lawrence Murphy May 20, 2000.

The following people have contributed to this mini-HOWTO at some point:

  • Bjorn Ekwall

  • Ben Galliart

  • Cedric Tefft

  • Brian Miller

  • James C. Tsiao

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